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  • Away in a Manger – Saxophone Quartet

    This well-loved carol is arranged with beautiful, lush harmonies – something special for your holiday audience.

    Composer: Bill Reichenbach
    Instrumentation: 2 Alto, 1 Tenor & 1 Baritone
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 2:10 / 9 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: Eb-Ab

    Score & Parts $15.00
    MP3 * From the CD: More Carols From The Bells – Trombones-L.A. $0.99
  • Bach: Aria – Woodwind Quintet

    The cantata, BWV 146, written for the third Sunday after Easter, contains the aria, Ich säe meine Zähren (I sow my Tears with a heavy heart.) Bach scored the aria for Flauto traverso, 2 Oboi d’amore, voice and basso continuo. This translates nicely to the instrumentation of the woodwind quintet, providing an expressive Baroque piece to the repertoire-suitable for concerts and services alike.

    Composer: Mark Questad
    Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, F Horn & Bassoon
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 4:20 / 24 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: Dm

    Score & Parts $21.00
  • Bach: Little Fugue in G Minor – Flute Choir

    The well known Little Fugue in G Minor is now scored for the full flute orchestra: Piccolo, four C Flutes, Alto Flute in an appropriate range and adding depth to Flute 4, with Bass Flute and Contrabass Flute on the original organ peddle. A welcome addition to the flute choir repertoire!

    Composer: Anne McGinty
    Instrumentation: Piccolo, 4 C Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass & Contrabass Flutes
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 3:30 / 25 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: G Minor

    Score & Parts $21.00
  • Baloo Lammy – Bassoon Quartet

    Baloo Lammy is a 17th century Scottish cradle song about the blessed bairn. Bairn is Scots for Child, baloo means hush and lammy is a loving diminutive of lamb. Baloo Lammy thus means Hush, My Little Lamb.

    This arrangement makes a welcome addition to any concert, sharing the traditions and music of long ago.

    No recording is available yet. We would love to add your recording!

    Composer: Bill Reichenbach
    Instrumentation: Bassoon Quartet
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 1:40 / 8 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: F-Bb

    Score & Parts $15.00
    MP3 * From the CD: More Carols From The Bells – Trombones-L.A. $0.99