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  • Wexford Carol, The – Brass Octet

    This carol dates back to the 12th century and is one of the oldest Irish carols, originating in County Wexford. The Celtic influence is evident in this sophisticated and superbly crafted arrangement.


    Marissa Benedict, Larry Hall – Trumpet
    Andy Pelletier, Bruce Hudson – Horn
    Alex Iles, Andy Malloy – Trombone
    Bill Reichenbach – Bass Trombone
    Doug Tornquist – Tuba

    Composer: Anne McGinty
    Instrumentation: 2 Bb Trumpets, 2 F Horns, 2 Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombone & Tuba
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 3:30 / 13 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: N/A

    Score & Parts $25.00
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  • naked tuba – Tuba Solo

    Alone on stage. Just a chair and a music stand, you and your tuba. Feeling so very exposed, you begin the first notes of naked tuba.

    The opening tempo is marked “slow, calm (mostly)” and you are totally free to express yourself. Although written in one continuous movement, the second tempo is marked “agitated (sometimes)” and again, the decisions are all yours.

    This piece was written for Doug Tornquist, with great respect and admiration. I've had the opportunity to work with Doug on many occasions and his playing always inspires me to write more.

    The tuba is an incredibly lyrical and versatile instrument. This unaccompanied piece celebrates the unlimited colors of this expressive instrument.

    The “Add to cart” button shows “Score & Parts”; however, naked tuba is in solo format only, as per the sample first page.

    Composer: Anne McGinty
    Instrumentation: Tuba
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 7:10 / 4 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: N/A

    Score & Parts $13.00
  • Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light) – Flute Choir

    This sparkling arrangement is a celebration of the season, featuring a montage of your favorite carols including Joy To The World, Silent Night, The First Noel, Angels We Have Heard On High, O Come All Ye Faithful, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones and more.

    This celebration of light will provide a shining moment at your Christmas concert!

    The Ohio State University Flute Troupe, directed by Katherine Borst Jones, recorded this piece. The full version is available for your listening pleasure under Hear an Excerpt.

    Composer: Anne McGinty
    Instrumentation: Piccolo, 4 Flutes, Alto Flute & Bass Flute
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 6:15 / 27 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: N/A

    Score & Parts $25.00
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  • Oddball Tomatoe, The

    The Oddball Tomatoe (sic) is based on a short story (with illustrations) written by a friend of the composer's when he was in the 6th grade, titled “The Tomatoe That Chomped Up New York City”. The story is about a hungry little tomato that chomp-chomp-chomps everything from the carrots in the garden to the barn, the house and more before acquiring a taste for metal, which made him a metal tomato. The first sentence was the inspiration for this piece: “Once there was a little oddball tomatoe.”

    He ate cars, a water tower, the city hall and the Empire State Building and became a danger to every city. While walking to California he snatched a plane out of the air and chomped it. The army aimed bombs at him, to no avail. In Los Angeles it started chomping on the power lines as it thought they were spaghetti. Alas, he got shocked to death and fell in the ocean, never to be seen again.

    Only the tuba could possibly become the metal tomato and get that big and calamitous, with lots of chomping grace notes along the way. Only three horns could depict little carrots, large buildings, bombs, New York City, power lines and more.

    The story made the composer smile, and the piece is basically program music that attempts to musically depict this extra-musical story. The story, however, is not essential to the performance of this piece.

    Composer: Anne McGinty
    Instrumentation: Tuba & 3 Horns
    Duration/# of Pages: ca. 4:20 / 22 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
    Key: N/A

    Score & Parts $21.00