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Equinox – Large Brass Ensemble


Equal day, equal night, represented by double brass quintet, conical vs. cylindrical. Seating should be in an inverted V, with tuba on the outside left. Going up the left side, next to tuba is horn 3, then horn 2, horn 1 and cornet at the top of the inverted V. Coming down the right side is trumpet 1 at the top, trumpet 2, trombone 1, trombone 2 and bass trombone, facing tuba.

Brilliantly crafted to maximize the different timbres, the wide ranges and varying instrumental combinations, this is an impressive achievement accomplished with great skill and a welcome addition to the brass repertoire.

The sample score and mp3 excerpt include all three movements.

Total duration: ca. 11:15

I – Autumn (3:47)

II – In-between (3:45)

III – Spring (3:40)


David Wailes – Cornet
Andrew Pelletier – Horn
Jenny Kim – Horn
Bruce Hudson – Horn
Doug Tornquist – Tuba
Marissa Benedict – Trumpet
Larry Hall – Trumpet
Alex Iles – Trombone
Philip Keen – Trombone
Bill Reichenbach – Bass Trombone

Composer: Anne McGinty
Instrumentation: Bb Cornet, 3 F Horns, Tuba, 2 Bb Trumpets, 2 Trombones & Bass Trombone
Duration/# of Pages: ca. 11:15 / 54 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
Key: N/A

Score & Parts $40.00
MP3 I. Autumn *From the CD: Feels Like Far, Doug Tornquist & Friends $0.99
MP3 II. In-Between *From the CD: Feels Like Far, Doug Tornquist & Friends $0.99
MP3 III. Spring *From the CD: Feels Like Far, Doug Tornquist & Friends $0.99